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11 oz Valentine’s Day Personalized Mug for $2 Bucks (plus S/H)

January 20, 2014
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Valentines day is coming soon and yes we all either hate it or love it or are indifferent.  But the one thing that remains common practice is exchanging some sort of gift.   Well let this help you take the (uncertainty) out of what you should buy.   Don't spend a lot of money......get your loved one something that is practical but says that you took some time and got them something that you put some thought into.....what is this you ask?  A personalized Valentines day Mug!! Affiliate Site.

This does cost a few bucks for the shipping ($5.99) but you can't beat this deal for a $2 Mug (with Code) and by the way its 11oz mug.   GO HERE AND GET THE DEAL


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