5 Killer Ways to Save Money at Restaurants

Even though we as Americans spend a lot of money at restaurants, eating out does not have to wreck our budgets. There are strategies you can use to reduce your restaurant bill, thus not carving a huge amount into your checking account. Here are a few strategies for you…

Grab online coupons.

Groupon and LivingSocial are both websites where you can find online coupons for all your favorite restaurants. Many of the coupons will give 50 to 90 percent off various restaurants. If you don’t mind looking through coupons every now and then, this may be worth your while, especially if you eat out a lot. Many of the coupons you do not even need to print; just pull them up on your Smartphone and show your server.

Share your Food.

Nowadays, the typical restaurant portion size is twice or three times bigger than it should be. Knowing that, it is easier to share meals with someone else. Let’s say you and your significant other go out to eat at a steakhouse. Think about splitting an appetizer, then splitting an entre and maybe even splitting a dessert. This should be plenty of food, yet half the bill if both of you ordered separate entrées and desserts. Another way to go about this is to think of your meal as “dinner today, lunch tomorrow.” Because the portions are big, you could ask for a to go box when your meal comes and immediately half it and put lunch tomorrow in the to-go box. This way you are getting two meals out of your dinner and saving money.

Don’t buy drinks!

I am not just talking about alcohol here, I am talking about soda and tea. If you are wanting to go out and drink, then go to a bar where prices on alcohol are cheaper than at nice restaurants. Soda and tea typically cost at least two dollars. Think about how much you will save if you just order water, not to mention it’s healthier for you. Not ordering alcohol, tea, or water will save you a ton of money in the long run.

Have dinner at home, but dessert out

Sometimes it’s just fun to get out the house. In fact, it’s not the food per say that is exciting, but the overall dining experience. A neat way to save money, yet still enjoy the restaurant experience would be to eat dinner at home, and then go out for dessert. This will ensure that you stay in your budget, but still give you the satisfaction of eating out.

Social Media deals

Nowadays most every restaurant has a facebook or twitter account. The purpose of this is not only to advertise their business, but to give out deals to their customers. For example, if you are a big Outback Steakhouse fan and “like” them on facebook, you may earn a free meal. Just make sure you stay tuned with their advertising deals. You can save money from acknowledging that you are one of their fans on a social media website.

All of these will tips will help you save money when you go out to eat. This way, you will be able to eat out more without wrecking your budget. Can you think of any other ways to safe money when eating out?

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