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How to Save Online

Ways To Save Money OnlineWhen talking about spending money online, the term “saving” should be used sparingly. It seems that when we have an unlimited supply of product, sales and deals literally at our fingertips, instead of saving money, we actually find ourselves spending way more than if we physically visited a store. In an online world, it can be all too easy to blow the budget on deals that, even if they were a bargain, weren’t really all that necessary.

That being said, online shopping can be a great way to save money if you follow a few simple rules to get you started. Remember that the idea behind using coupons is that you are saving your family money! Use the following tips to help guide your online savings:

Choose your rewards program

Make it a rule to never shop online unless it is through a rewards program. You can choose a cash back program like Ebates or Shop at Home or a points program like My Points. In either case, you are guaranteeing that the money you spend online is making you money in return.

Always look for discount codes

Once you find that great deal online, make sure you do a quick search for a discount code. Websites like and are great resources for online shopping discount codes.

Consider shipping costs

A great deal can easily be negated once you add in shipping costs. Make sure you consider this into your total before you even start shopping. If the price is too high for shipping, then walk away.

Sign-up for a daily deal site

While the number of daily deal sites has increased exponentially in the last few years, the selection of products and services has not. Many of the sites cycle through the same deals over and over again. Just choose one or two sites to join to avoid having a cluttered inbox of many irrelevant deals. Instead, let the couponing blog that you follow do the work!

Create a junk email

To get the great deals online, many times you will need to sign up for a company’s newsletter. Create a junk email that you can use to direct all of your retail emails. Take a few moments each day to scan through the emails, deleting the ones that you don’t need.

NOTE: Some people create a “Junk” Facebook account as well to use for all of the online promotions offered on the social media site. This is helpful when you are forced to “Like” a company.

Avoid impulse buys

If you find yourself adding items to your virtual shopping cart just because they are a good deal, then ask yourself one simple question: am I buying this because I need it or because it’s a good deal? Though it is definitely harder to impulse buy online, it is not impossible.

Double check the deal

Prices can be deceiving when we don’t have products around with which to compare. Clothes can look nice but then be cheaply made when viewed in person. Make sure that what you are buying is a quality product. Especially online, many times companies will inflate the original price making the sale price seem like an amazing deal. Make sure that what you are buying is really as good of a deal as the company would like you to believe! Read customer reviews and product details as an extra security measure.


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