National Chains with the Best Loyalty Programs

National Chains with the Best Loyalty Programs

Who doesn’t love getting free stuff? Obviously most Americans do since most of them participate in various loyalty programs. Businesses use loyalty programs to keep customers coming back, but of course some are better than others. The average consumer only uses around one third of the loyalty programs they sign up for. Which ones are worth saving a place in your life? Well, obviously it depends on what your likes and needs. For example, if you don’t drink coffee there’s no point in signing up to be a Starbucks gold card member (unless your significant other drinks coffee, and then that would just be nice of you!) The following national chains are known to have some of the best loyalty programs. And great loyalty programs equal happy and loyal customers!


Coffee lovers, listen: Starbucks may seem expensive, but they do give out a lot of free stuff, which can make the initial prices worth it. Many people make Starbucks a part of their daily routine, and if that’s you then you should sign up for their loyalty program. Each time you use your card you will get one star added to your account which will put you into a “green member” or a “gold member.” Green members will get free refills, free drinks when they purchase coffee beans, and free syrup added to their drinks. Gold members will get all that, plus a free beverage every 15 stars that they earn. Both members get a free drink every year on their birthday. Is this worth signing up? If you frequent Starbucks then it will be!

Best Buy

Best Buy no longer has an annual fee for their loyalty program (thank goodness!) Because they don’t, they are now ranked in the top. For every dollar you spend, you will earn 250 points and get a $5 reward certificate. This program works well for bigger purchases, such as appliances more than $2,500. The member will earn free shipping, an extended return policy, and free movie rental downloads. If you are an electronic junkie, or even if you’re not but want a new computer or camera, consider signing up for the Best Buy rewards card.


National Emerald Club

National’s car rental service is free, and it is known for its speedy service.  Members of this club will be rest assured that the company will get them the car they need and in a jiffy by using the “bypass the counter” method and e-receipts. In addition, members will receive one credit for each rental, with seven credits earning a free day. If you travel a lot and need a rental car, signing up for this club will be worth your while.


Everyone needs gas, so why not earn free stuff in the process? Speedway reward card will allow you to earn points by purchasing gas, food, drinks and other items at Speedway. Once you have earned points, you can redeem them on snacks, car washes, gas, and gift cards. In addition, Speedway has different deals where you can rack up points quickly by buying specific items. You might as well sign up if you are going to get gas at Speedway anyway, right?

Panera Bread

If you enjoy Panera Bread’s delicious soups, sandwiches, pastries and coffee, then consider signing up for to become a “MyPanera” member. It’s free and easy to join and there are no obligations at all. Each time you visit Panera, you will swipe your card. Once Panera gets an idea of what kinds of food and beverages you order, they will add complimentary bakery and café items, cooking or baking tips, ideas for entertaining or recipe books, and more. The fun part is there are no points to keep track of so when you earn something, it’s a surprise! The Panera associates will tell you if you have a reward loaded on your card.

Not all of these National Chains are for everyone, but hopefully you will be interested in one of the above and consider adding yourself to their loyalty programs! Have fun saving money!



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